A Cup of Local Brew

a cup of local brew

Mark came to our house on Tuesday and told us that his son Sidney was on his way to the hospital. We prayed for Sidney, asked others to pray and helped to arrange for transportation and medical costs.

Alcoholism is a common problem across much of Africa, where people are often looking for ways to escape from what they see as hopeless situations. Commercially available alcohol is often prohibitively expensive, so many people brew their own beer and stronger spirits.

One of Mark’s neighbors brews beer, and that person also happens to work at the local hospital. He took advantage to his access to various drugs and chemicals, deciding to add embalming fluid to the beer to give it an extra kick. Sidney was among six people who drank the brew on Monday night; by Wednesday four of the six were dead. One of the two survivors is now blind, and only one, Mark’s son, has fully recovered.

After bringing Sidney home from the hospital, Mark was praising God as the only one who could have rescued his son from death.

East Africa, 2015


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