The Need To Create Distance

Opportunity knocked when I was invited to join the New York City Scouting team. Although I thought that obstacles stood in my path, God showed up as five uniquely designed individuals helped eliminate those obstacles and leaving nothing but an open doorway. I soon realized that this was the place I was supposed to be.

The van ride, sleeping on an air mattress and a simplified lifestyle for four days was good for my soul. Through the ‘Back Door mindset’ of the adventure I became both witness and participant in learning what the foundation of leading a healthy mission team dedicated to building relationships looks and feels like. I learned the importance of actively listening so that it can harness and expose you to the realness of others, yourself and the culture that surrounds you. God showed me it is in that realization and through created distance I was able to enhance my perception of myself and my daily life by being away from things as simple as my daily routine.

A huge ‘take away’ was meeting Bob and Thelma in what has become called “Bob’s Garden” in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Two very dedicated individuals who volunteer within the garden bring the people of the surrounding neighborhoods to a place where all can come to experience a community garden filled with special something’s. In the midst of this urban sanctuary I loved the sights, sounds and smells of nature, the unity and peace of all who entered the garden, and the importance of leaving an ongoing legacy behind.


So thankful that God made a way for this adventure.




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